Business Financial Advisor
  • Create Integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts and pro-formas

  • Determine valuation for internal use

  • Determine optimal capital structure

  • Prepare packages for investors / lenders / buyers

  • Source finance for business initiatives

  • Develop tactical/strategic/business plans

  • Develop of acquisition strategy and ID/evaluate acquisition targets

  • Bolster due diligence and deal negotiation

  • Prepare of internal monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements

  • Prepare and analyze financial statement trends and variance to budget / forecast

  • Create and present customized reporting packages

  • Manage accounting and finance team

  • Develop dashboards, scorecards, Key Performance Indicators

  • Product/service profitability reporting and analysis

  • daily “flash” reports, real-time performance indicators and alerts

  • Identify junior accounting and finance candidates

  • Select and implement accounting software

  • Recommend value-added partners specializing in areas outside our core competencies – insurance, benefits, information system implementations, exit strategies

Pricing & Profitability Analytics
  • Assess pricing & profitability at the product, service, customer, channel, region & sale rep level

  • Compute contribution margins

  • Optimize price, market share and operational capacity

  • Analyze client’s offering v. the competition.

Strategic & Financial Leadership

We aspire to be your long-term outsourced CFO partner and trusted CEO advisor. We are an extension of your team and work onsite and remote. We customize our approach to align with your desires, priorities and corporate culture. We listen to understand your goals, aspirations, challenges and frustrations. Then we collaboratively develop solutions to help you move your company towards its goals at a pace and within a budget that you are comfortable with.

Strategic Business Planning
  • Benchmark Company vs. Peers

  • Develop SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

  • Evaluate growth strategy - organic v by acquisition

  • Assess leadership and management talent and identify gaps

  • Establish buy in to the future strategic direction

  • Implement bullet-proof accountability - who is going to do what, by when and expected results

  • Develop tracking mechanism by quarter to assess progress and corrective actions to stay on course

Finance Office Support
  • Perform general ledger entry and month-end closings

  • Prepare of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements

  • Explain financial reports trends and variance analysis v Plan & Forecast

  • Create and present customized reporting packages

  • Train and Manage junior accounting and finance team

  • Identify junior accounting and finance candidates

  • Select & implement accounting software.

  • Establish/assess banking relationships

Fees & ROI

We work with you to develop a fee structure that is most comfortable for you:


  • Time-based – We’ll propose our fixed fee for the service. Periodically, we discuss the scope of services and adjust so you receive what you need.


  • Project-based – For one-off projects we will present a proposal which has a fixed fee or time-based fee. Where the scope of the project is expected to deviate materially, we will meet with you to discuss modifications to the scope and project cost.

How will investing in JWMS Outsourced CFO produce an acceptable ROI?


  • Frees CEO & leadership team time to focus on new services, new customers and other core business issues.

  • Reduces unexpected surprises and improves control over the money.

  • Improves decision-making.

  • Provides a sounding board to help the CEO make those tough business decisions and to clarify business plans.

  • Produces substantial cost savings compared to having a full-time CFO on staff.

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